Back to Basics



Back to Basics


            It’s been 2 days since my ½ marathon. I broke my personal record (PR) and felt proud of all my hard work and endless days of running. When I look in the mirror and at the scale, I do not feel so proud. My weight has drifted up from a low of 196 to a weight of 219, and the mirror definitely reflects the same. I too can sometimes stray from the fundamentals of Dr. Matt’s Plan. I was letting a couple of the C words (these C words are explained in my book) into my body, especially at work. Over the holidays I was drinking way too much alcohol causing chronic inflammation and mental fogginess, and not doing enough hot yoga and resistance training. My interval training paid off with a better ½ marathon time but sure didn’t help with fat loss.

            I woke up on Tuesday after a late shift in the ER and decided to get back to basics. I had my coffee, ate a raw vegan gluten free granola bar, drank 10 ounces of water and swallowed my mix of vitamins and nutrients. I made a sign with the date, my weight and body fat percentage and asked my wife to take a few pictures of me in my underwear. It was time I took Dr. Matt’s Plan seriously again and show everyone what it is capable of doing for your health and to your body.

            My wife and I decided hot yoga with Paige Held at The Yoga Joint would probably be most beneficial after our race since we are still sore. We needed to get rid of the lactic acid stuck in our muscle fibers, stretch our tendons and ligaments, detoxify our lymphatic system, liver and spleen. We filled our hydro-flasks with ice-cold water and talked Dr. Matt’s Plan on the way to The Yoga Joint.

            First rule, we decided to cut alcohol intake drastically, maybe to 1-2 days a week. Alcohol, even though in moderation is beneficial to ones health, also has many calories that do add up to thousands of calories per week. In fat-loss or weight-loss mode, these calories act as a roadblock. Second rule, stay away from the six “C” foods. These foods are empty calories and nutrient poor. We need nutrient dense foods that are organic and full of natural vitamins and minerals.  Rule three, plan for a plant based diet daily. No meat, poultry, or pork. On occasion, we still integrate local caught tropical Atlantic fish for the kids. I do think the highly processed vegan or vegetarian food is still junk food and probably no better than land animal meat. Local caught, sustainable fish tend to provide dense nutrients and oils that processed vegan dishes do not. Final rule, our ½ marathon training has ended for the season and we will focus on intense interval training, resistance training and plenty of hot yoga and rest.

            I will publish here weekly results and at the publish date of Dr. Matt’s Plan Living Longer and Healthier I will publish before and after pictures. I will share great recipes and pictures of our special meals we create that are usually vegan, nutrient dense and gluten free. Have a wonderful day.

“Dr Matt’s Plan Living Longer and Healthier” by Dr. Matt Ferenc

Soft cover available at

The information from Dr Matt’s Plan is not intended as a substitute for medical professional help or advice but is to be used only as an aid in understanding current medical knowledge.


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