Vitamin D3


Vitamin D3

Fat-soluble secosteroids (otherwise known as vitamin D) enhance your body’s intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate. Vitamin D3 plays the most important role out of all the vitamin D vitamins. Vitamin D3 is not only a vitamin, but it also acts as a hormone. As a hormone, vitamin D3 controls phosphorus and bone metabolism and has a role in neuromuscular functions. In fact, the human body can’t digest calcium without an adequate amount of vitamin D3. In today’s advanced medical era, vitamin D3 deficiency is still an epidemic. Some recent studies have revealed that the main cause of vitamin D3 deficiency in the United States is due to the lack of exposure to sunlight and the overuse of sunblock measures at inappropriate times.

Rickets in children and osteoporosis and osteomalacia (defective bone mineralization) in adults characterize vitamin D3 deficiency. “A deficiency seems to increase overall mortality, whereas supplementation tends to decrease the risk of death from all diseases. Low levels seem to correlate with a higher death rate from most cancers, whereas supplementation with vitamin D3 daily tends to decrease the incidence of all cancers, including colorectal and prostate.1

1. “Vitamin D Council”, last accessed December 12, 2013,    

Excerpt from “Dr Matt’s Plan Living Longer and Healthier” by Dr. Matt Ferenc

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The information from Dr Matt’s Plan is not intended as a substitute for medical professional help or advice but is to be used only as an aid in understanding current medical knowledge.

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