Disaster Customer Service with Comcast

My name is Maciej Ferenc, and I had the most horrific experience with a billing supervisor named Pamela. July 12th I called Comcast to see what my service options were after my 2 year contract date of July 17th expired. We started big renovations at my address July 1st but was willing to wait till July 17th the anniversary date to change services, place on hold or cancel all together. The option that was offered me was to be placed on seasonal hold and I would still retain Xfinity hotspots access. That was perfect since I could still utilize internet services when I supervise the house renovation. After July18th I tried to use the hotspot when at the house and hotspot was not working. I tried for several days and when not able to log on, I called to see why not. I was told that when on seasonal hold, hotspots are not available, which was different than the explanation given before.
At that point I asked for basic internet service without any other services. That was no problem supposedly, until I checked my Amex bill today and saw a charge for $450!! I called billing to see why and was explained that after the seasonal hold was cancelled by me (since hotspot was not working) that I was placed into full billing for all services at regular price. I explained that I only wanted basic internet to be active! I explained to the supervisor named Pamela that I am not living there and should not be charged for all the services. I was told the sale is final and there will be no credit and that I should have known that I would go back to full billing when the seasonal hold was taken off when in fact I asked for basic internet. I was also asked why I didn’t return my cable boxes when I only wanted internet. It was explained to me to hold onto the boxes 9(on July 18th) since I would be reconnecting in the near future (several months). So now am out of $450 collecting interest on my Amex while a Supervisor in billing named Pamela can’t see that I just got billed for services which are clearly not needed. I’ve been with comcast for over 8 years and this is one of the worst customer service issues EVER! I am in the middle of a large house renovation, knee surgery 6 days ago and now had to go to the house being renovated to gather the boxes and return them while dealing with a $450 FEE for 2 months of internet services that I used. I am reaching out with everyone to see how a Supervisor named Pamela handled my situation.

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